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Posted by on Jun 30, 2018

Nothing thrills me in quite the same way that discovering something new does. I feel electrified when I stumble upon an interesting tidbit that was previously unknown to me. The anticipation that something will be revealed heightens all of my senses and when I encounter the realization- an unknown fact, a hidden mosaic, or a morsel equally novel, it never fails to fill me with delight. It is this feeling that inspires me to create walking tours. I want to share the excitement of discovery with everyone and in that spirit, I have created the first in a series of self-guided Pfister Walking Tour Maps.

My favorite way to explore a city is by walking its streets. When I am walking, I can slow down and really see what is in front of me. The scrollwork on doorframes, the intricacies of the carvings in the recesses of the buildings, the gleam of stonework- it all cries out for my attention as I stroll down the street.  On foot, I can experience the city with an intimacy that cannot be duplicated if I am speeding by, enclosed in a moving vehicle. Walking allows me to fully engage with a city; in experiencing the sounds, the smells and the citizens, I am connected to my surroundings in a way that continues to enchant me.

I am unabashedly in love with Milwaukee and I want to offer walkers a glimpse at parts of the city that cause my heart to flutter. Each of the tours I create during my tenure as the Pfister Narrator will begin and end at the hotel and feature highlights of Downtown Milwaukee. The summer tour takes walkers to the center of summertime activity in the city, the lakefront. Along the way, walkers will discover a few architectural gems and encounter a number of pieces in the Sculpture Milwaukee exhibit, including the celebrated Robert Indiana piece, LOVE. If summertime in the city is a bit too sticky for you, you will be able explore new walking routes released in fall, winter and spring.

Please pop into the lobby to get your own complimentary copy of the tour, while they last. Watch The Pfister Hotel social media for some sneak peeks of the tours we have planned. We’ll hit the streets to get an up-close view of Milwaukee and we hope you’ll be inspired to join us.  If you share my passion for exploring the city by foot and would like to walk part of the route with me, send me an email at If I am available and have my sneakers with me, I’d love to join you!

Lace up your comfy shoes and let’s explore!

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