Battle of the Happy Hours: Blu

Posted by on Apr 12, 2018

This week, I’ve been exploring Happy Hours at The Marcus Corporation’s three distinct and lovely hotels in Milwaukee: The Hilton Milwaukee City Center, The Intercontinental and The Pfister.

See what I thought of CLEAR at The Intercontinental here and Monarch Lounge at The Hilton here.

Today let’s head up to the highest happy hour in the city.

Where: Blu, located on the Pfister Hotel’s 23rd floor

The view from the Pfister’s 23rd floor is amazing during the day, the lake glimmering, or at night when Milwauke lights up.

Happy Hours: Monday-Thursday 5-8 pm (Isn’t 8 pm a luxuriously late ending for happy hour? I love that you don’t have to rush over to take advantage of the specials here.)

Drink Specials: $3 Bottles of craft beer,$5 featured wines by the glass, $5 well cocktails, $8 signature cocktails (which are currently The Pfister Mule, The New Old Fashioned, and the S’Mores Martini)

Who I Brought: My dad.  We haven’t spent one-on-one time together in far too long and he’d never had a drink in Blu before.

What We Tried:

The New Old Fashioned. This is Blu’s signature cocktail. I’ve urged every friend I bring here to try this one, even those who (like me) have never been a fan of a typical Old Fashioned before, and every single one of them has loved it. Crafted with Knob Creek bourbon, Angostura bitters, and sugar in the raw, it’s the blood orange that makes this so special, lending just the right amount of sweet uniqueness to one of Milwaukee’s trademark drinks.


S’mores Martini. An elegant take on the nostalgic dessert, complete with crushed grahams on the rim. Perfect for when you can’t decide between drink or dessert.

Our Favorites: Both drinks were unique, potent and delicious.  I’ll always recommend The New Old Fashioned to anyone who hasn’t experienced it before— it’s pretty perfect.

This Spot’s Perfect Crowd:

– A date.  Blu is both romantic and comfortable.  The view is matchless and the overstuffed velvet chairs make it a wonderful place to settle in, chat, gaze at the city and remember why you love Milwaukee.

– Double dates or groups of friends. The menu is extensive and I’ve never had a drink here I didn’t like, so everyone’s always happy.  Also, since the ambience at Blu is elegant without feeling stuffy or feminine, it’s a fun spot for any group.

– Anyone who lives in Milwaukee but forgets that the Pfister isn’t only for overnight guests to enjoy.  When I bring local friends here, they inevitably exclaim, “Why haven’t I been here before?!?”

Tomorrow, we’ll finish this series with Mason Street Grill!

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