The Things They Wore

Posted by on Feb 15, 2018

A pair of skinny jeans on a pair of skinny legs, a rolled up comic book crammed in the front pocket.

A white mustache, impeccably trimmed.

A hard-sided rolling bag the color of bubblegum with a furry neck pillow buttoned around the handle.

A red wool sheath dress with nude pumps, accessorized with a flute of lunch champagne.

Sparkly sunglasses parked on her forehead like a buggy second pair of eyes.

A sleeve of tattoos.  A blur of rolling color.

Tiny floral sneakers.

An elegant cane, curved like a swan’s neck.

Dark heavy valet jackets and shiny, gold-edged name tags.

Mother-daughter matching houndstooth coats.

A silky scarf covered in frogs.

A chef’s uniform with a towel slung through the apron waistband.

A rubber leash attached to a pair of Yorkies.

Short cognac leather boots, whiskered with age and adventure.

A camera, long of lens, pitched up to the chandelier.

A black parka, frosted with salt. A peacoat the color of a robin’s egg.

A simple gold wedding band wrapped around a gleaming silver snack tray.

A thick graying braid snaking to her waist, tied with a gauzy maroon ribbon.

A conceierge’s stately tails.

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