All Aboard the Polar Express!

Posted by on Dec 15, 2017

You’re snuggled deep in your bed, the soft ticking of your clock the only sound.  When the train pulls up in front of your house with a hiss of steam and screeching brakes, at first you think it must be a dream.  But then the booming voice of the Conductor calls your name, and invites you aboard this locomotive, The Polar Express, bound for the North Pole!

You’re handed a shiny golden ticket.

The Conductor, who has been expecting you all along, punches your ticket with a smile and you excitedly board the train, which is filled with chattering children in their pajamas.

You’re just settling into your train car when the Conductor announces that steaming hot chocolate will now be served.  A line of whirling dancers zig zigs through the train car,  expertly spinning trays filled with mugs of cocoa that’s as thick as melted chocolate bars.

Just as you finish the last treat, the Conductor announces that while The Polar Express continues to chug northwards, various train cars are open to you, filled with fun activities.

As you whiz through snowy forests and up icy mountain peaks, you commemorate the frosty trip by creating your own snow globe in the Craft Car.

When the train stops for a moment, you take the chance to hurry outside by the light of a full moon to have your photo taken so you (and your mother) will always be able to remember this magical evening.

In the Game Car, the Conductor checks how well you can pay attention during a game of “Conductor Says”.

In the Mail Car, you write a letter to Santa detailing everything you may forget to tell him in person.

Finally, The Polar Express arrives at the North Pole!  To cheers and excitement, Santa himself arrives. He gives you the very special first gift of Christmas, a jingle bell from a harness of one of his reindeer.

Reluctant to leave the beauty and thrill of the North Pole, you board the train again and travel back home.  The Polar Express drops you off right in front of your own house, and you leave with a golden bag full of memories and a heart full of joy.

Thank you so much to all the families who joined us at the Pfister’s first ever Polar Express event!  The opportunity to dream this up was so fun and sweet for me, and I hope you made special holiday memories with your children.  If you weren’t able to get tickets this time, please be sure to join us next year!


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