The World Ever Wider

Posted by on Nov 1, 2017

Rachael holding her ambrotype portrait, taken on glass by Margaret Muza

When Rachael was a small girl, going over hills in the car was her favorite thrill. She loved the plunge, like a flock of tiny birds suddenly swooping in her stomach. Her grandmother would take her for drives, searching out hills to make into rollercoasters, and they’d laugh together. Even now, when Rachael is driving alone and coasts down a hill, her stomach clutches and she thinks of her grandma.

An only child, Rachael relishes traveling the world with her grandma and her parents. Her grandma especially loves to cruise, so they’ve sailed together to Alaska, the Caribbean, and throughout the Baltic Sea. A few years ago, they decided to forgo the cruise and instead rented a house in Vienna. It was intoxicating, staying in one place long enough to meet people and get a sense of the culture. They traveled to Salzburg and stared at the Alps, feeling as though they were wandering around inside The Sound of Music, and sat hushed and enthralled at a symphony performance in Mozart’s birthplace.

So it’s no wonder that Rachael inherited her grandmother’s adventurous spirit and obsession with travel. After earning her degree in Hospitality & Tourism, she started spending her summers in places like Ecuador and China, immersing herself in other cultures as much as she could. One afternoon during a Birthright Israel trip, she was hiking in the mountains and a wave of peace fell over her, that familiar hush of wonder.

Now Rachael works in hospitality and tourism in a different way, as a coordinator at the Pfister. She speaks softly and attends to her work with care, and it could be easy to assume that she’s always cautious and steady. But she remains the girl who, with her grandma cheering her on, loved the tumble under her ribs, the rush of the unknown, and the world ever wider.

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