Curioser and Curioser– A Mad Hatter Tea Party

Posted by on Oct 11, 2017


If you’ve at times believed six impossible things before breakfast, or know that in some ways we’re all mad, or have ever been late for a very important date, or if you’re a darling little girl twirling in a tulle dress that sparkles just so, or a group of friends who love wearing dashing hats and laughing over tea sandwiches, chances are you joined us for the Mad Hatter Tea Party I hosted at the Pfister last weekend.

And I was so very glad to have you.

It was a beautiful and quite memorable morning.

We learned about the subtle notes in various teas from Juan, Pfister Tea Butler.

We sipped tea poured from those famous Pfister silver tipping teapots into mismatching antique teacups that everyone took home as a keepsake from our peculiar party. Drink Me.

I gave a series of three readings from the classic Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll.

We watched the vintage Disney Alice in Wonderland movie while we waited for our food to be served.

We nibbled the most dainty and delectable tea sandwiches. Eat Me.

We shrunk down to ten inches high, as Alice did, and were dwarfed by the flowers in a lovely garden.


We tried to ignore the unpleasantness of the Queen of Hearts continually yelling, “Off with their heads!”

We savored a trio of exquisite desserts.

And we finally emerged from the rabbit hole into a day full of more curiosity and wonder than we knew.


Please join me as I host another special literary party, “An Afternoon on the Polar Express” on December 10! Details and registration coming soon.


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