Treasured Guests

Posted by on Aug 2, 2017

Most days at the Pfister, not every guest is human.

When I took on the Narrator role a few months ago, I was surprised and delighted to find that unlike most other premier hotels, the Pfister does not only tolerate dogs, but actually enjoys them. Their presence lends a comforting sense of home and family to the halls.

I spent a fun morning recently chatting with guests about their beloved pets.

Sazarec, named after the inimitable New Orleans whiskey cocktail.

Dixie, vivacious and saucy like a good Yorkie should be.

This spirited pair of Yorkies are long-time Pfister guests. Named after bits of New Orleans culture, Dixie (9) and Sazarec (Sazzy, 5) have strolled up and down these halls for years with their owners, Justin and Karen. Years ago, when they were newly dating, Justin learned that though she lived in Chicago, Karen had never visited Milwaukee. Justin, who hails from London, immediately looked up the oldest still-operating hotel in Milwaukee and of course, found the Pfister. He says that one step into the gorgeous lobby “knocked them out”. Since then, they’ve stayed here dozens of times, first with Dixie and her sister Hennessy (Henna), who has now passed, and now with Dixie, Sazzy, and their adorable, curly-haired toddler Alexander. Justin says their family won’t stay anywhere else in Milwaukee, especially since the Pfister treats their dogs “like treasured guests, without fussiness”. Before they found the Pfister, they wanted to travel more but always asked each other, “What would we do with the dogs?” It was a relief to learn they could travel in style with their entire family, something true dog lovers will all understand.

While in Milwaukee, Sazzy and Dixie have distinct preferences.  Their favorite places to play are Sunken Garden in Mitchell Park and Cathedral Square, and their favorite rooms of the Pfister are the historic suites.

Dixie is “a little lady, who can also bite.” Dignified but fierce, I’m told it’s best not to disturb her when she’s sleeping. While Sazzy is the dominant one of the pair, Dixie is not above “going to the mattresses” if need be. These two are the epitome of “frenemies”.

Sazzy’s American Kennel Club name is Flude’s Amazing Super Sazarec. He is adept at snatching sausages during parties, and once when he was a puppy staying at the Pfister, he used the sliver of opportunity a room service delivery provided to dash out of the suite and down the hall, causing Justin to chase him around the floor in his dressing gown.

When he travels, Sazzy has a curious habit of barking the whole way to a destination, even if it is long hours in a car, but then staying silent the entire drive back home, as if he knows all will return to normal soon.

Piper, so enamored with the delicious breakfast smells that her tail is a constantly joyous blur.

Piper is 6, and at the moment I meet her she’s lurking outside the Café, deeply disappointed she can’t go inside because she’s positive she smells bacon in there. A rescue dog, she’s a beautiful and interesting Elkhound/Akita/Boxer mix. It’s Piper’s first time in Milwaukee, and she’s traveled from Chicago for Summerfest. Her salient talent is singing along whenever she hears Lady Gaga; Bad Romance is her favorite.

Dogs are always encouraged to stay at the Pfister. If you plan on bringing your furry friend, you may be interested in booking the “Rover-Night Package”, which includes a one-night accommodation, a monetary donation in your honor to the Elmbrook Humane Society, pet cleaning fee, and a doggy gift basket with luxe items for your pet like a plush pillow, treats, toys and maps to local parks.

The Pfister lobby declares Salve, Latin for Welcome, to all of us. Even, maybe especially, to these sweet and spunky friends.

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