Six Words, Six Years

Posted by on Jul 16, 2017


Tintypes by Margaret Muza

It was snowing that night. You can understand that recently out of a long marriage, she didn’t want to go to the Christmas party. Starting over isn’t merriment; it’s lonely, terrifying.

But she spoke to herself with resolve. You have to get out in the world now, by yourself.

That is how she came to be walking into her friend’s kitchen at the same time he did.

And that was six years ago.
She says now that her six word memoir would be I met him in the kitchen.

We call each other “sweethearts”.

This is a bird’s eye view of their home most nights:

A large couch, mostly empty,
because they are curled together
in one small corner,
watching public television
and holding hands.

It is just so fun, at this age, to be sitting around holding hands with someone.
This is underscored with grateful tears.


A behind-the-scenes look at Margaret Muza taking a tintype photograph.

You can schedule a tintype photography session with Margaret Muza, Pfister Hotel’s current Artist in Residence, by emailing her at

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