The Pfister and I are Getting Serious

Posted by on Jun 25, 2017

Have you run into me yet?

I’m burrowing deeper into this narrator role and already finding a few favorite haunts and pasttimes at the Pfister.

I’m likely to be found in one of these spots:

– Clutching a snack mix trio in the lobby, not sharing well with others, slathering my breath in garlic right before I chat with guests. Many a narrator has praised this snack mix, but until you’ve tried it, you just can’t imagine the trifecta of spicy wasabi, garlic rye and those delicious seasoned breadsticks. I plan to eat my weight in them this year.

See? I devoured the rye chips and all the garlic pretzels before I remembered to take this photo.

– Margaret Muza’s tintype studio. I’m in utter awe of Margaret and her stunning tintypes. I lurk around her hemlock-hued studio whenever I can, hoping some of her creativity will sink into me.

– Breakfast in the Café. I love to escape to do some morning writing over a creamy Eggs Benedict with all the other sleepy-eyed guests.

– Blu, anytime of day. The view is marvelous, every single time.

– And last but not least, the antique desk on the lobby stairs that is the perfect perch for a narrator.

I’d like to invite you all to write with me at that desk. How?

Beginning very soon, I’ll offer a monthly thought-provoking question and post it with a box at the desk. Please jot down a few lines and pop your words into the box. I’ll compile them into a piece each month. We’ll have written something interesting together, as a vast array of very different people roaming around this beautiful old hotel.

So to start us out:

What is something you are afraid of and intrigued by at the same time?

Visit the narrator desk, even if I’m not there, and you’ll quickly understand why I love it so. Pen a few lines and add them to the box,

OR comment with your answer below,

OR email me at

And please, if you have a favorite Pfister nook or painting or view or cookie flavor or fireplace or cocktail or event or sitting spot, let me know. I’m on a mission to soak it all in.

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