HUMANS OF THE PFISTER | APRIL 2017 | April Fools edition | “The Least Funniest Person”

Posted by on Apr 5, 2017

I’m not very good at telling jokes.  I always mess them up or have to think too hard.  Because of this, my mom says I’m the least funniest person in our family.  She’s disgusted with how unfunny she thinks I am.  She even puts us in order: “Your brother Thomas is first, then your brother Matthew, then me, then your father . . . then you.”  She always puts herself right in the middle!  It makes me sad.  I can be the life of the party!  I’m charismatic!  I can carry a joke!

Me with the least funniest person.

She can’t even laugh.

p.s. I love you mom!  (Editor’s Note: I added this here for Liz’s sake.)

p.p.s. This is Liz, one of my favorite students from Pius XI High School.  I assure you: she is very funny!  (Sorry, mom.  You’re wrong.)

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