From Abstracts to Tintypes: Passing the Brush to Margaret Muza

Posted by on Apr 5, 2017

On March 24, Pamela Anderson revealed her collection of art produced during her residency at The Pfister.  The Pop-Up Gallery was alive with color and conversation before the pièce de résistance, the unveiling of her Legacy piece, which will soon grace the hallway next to the legacies of the former AIRs: Reginald Baylor, Katie Musolff, Shelby Keefe, Timothy Westbrook (well, his is in a glass case on the grand staircase landing), Stephanie Barenz, Niki Johnson, and Todd Mrozinski.

Here are just a few remembrances of the evening–and a sneak peak into the new AIR’s revamped studio.  Get ready to be transported to a different era with Margaret Muza’s tintype photography.  Story coming soon!

Cassy Scrima, Director of Marketing for Marcus Hotels, introduces Pamela

Friends, family, and guests prepare to watch Pamela pass the torch to the new Artist-in-Residence Margaret Muza

Margaret Muza, Todd Mrozinski, and Donna Basterash

Renee Babeau and some people I don’t know 🙂

Heidi Parkes and Jeanne Nikolai Olivieri

Two happy friends

Someone mugging with Melissa Dorn Richards

Guests mingling and contemplating Pamela’s artwork

Margaret Muza, Heidi Parkes, and Renee Babeau

One of Pamela’s sons, Adrian Cumming

Pamela giving her cousins Daniel and Anthony Anderson a close-up tour of her Legacy piece

Pamela trying her hardest not to cry–and somehow looking confident and proud of a year’s work of creating

Peter Jason activating his inner art critic while his girlfriend lets him do his thing

Voilà! Pamela’s Legacy piece

The Pfister family will miss you, Pamela!

But we know that you’re itching to get back into Material Studios & Gallery in the Third Ward!

It’s amazing what Mary Rose and the painting crew can do to transform a space . . .

. . . with, of course, a few added touches from Margaret! Stay tuned for my interview with the new Artist-in-Residence . . .

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