HUMANS OF THE PFISTER | AUGUST 2016 | Being “August” | Continued

Posted by on Aug 6, 2016

New friends Casey (l) and Sheryl (r), both from New York, just met this week at a week-long work training in Milwaukee.  But they found that their ideas fed off of each other.  They “got” each other.  This was apparent when I sat down with them today.  

CASEY: When did I feel the most august?  Since the day I was born, going hard.

SHERYL: Nice, dude.  Going hard.

CASEY: No, but seriously. Everyday is a challenge to be more magnificent than the previous one.  And challenge is a way to improve yourself instead of putting yourself down.

SHERYL: Yes, it’s a challenge of understanding yourself better.

CASEY: I give myself a warning every day never to dwell on my past.  I might screw up one day, but I challenge myself to be better than yesterday.

SHERYL: It’s good to give yourself little milestones.

CASEY: And to test the waters.  Each day, of course, is different, but you need the challenge to get going and keep going.  Life is boring if it’s easy.

SHERYL: I don’t ever want to be bored.

CASEY: I know.  I like being uncomfortable.

SHERYL: And I’d rather see someone struggle rather than breeze through life.

CASEY: It’s like this.  People like to see challenges as positive and negative.  Negative challenges are ones that find you, and positive ones are those you look for.  And with the challenges that find you, the important thing is how you deal with them.

SHERYL: And believe me, my company provides 30,000 challenges every day!  (Don’t print their name!)

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