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Posted by on Aug 18, 2016


My mom was working at a coffee shop and had talked many times with a woman there who was a music producer, Karen.  She mentioned to Karen that my band had produced a demo, she got the demo to her, Karen liked what she heard, and . . . she wanted to try out how my bandmate and I worked together with her business partner Phil Ramone, the 14-time Grammy-winning producer of artists like Paul Simon and Billy Joel.  Two weeks later, I was in New York with my bandmate playing a set for this legendary musical icon.  After we were done, I was chatting with Phil and I remember he said something like: “I don’t know where she found you, but she did good.  But I still can’t believe she found you in Milwaukee.”

I felt validated.  I had been practicing with my band in a warehouse, making demos in my bedroom, and working part time as a math tutor (I went to school for math and economics).  Now, I split my time between Los Angeles and New York as a singer, songwriter, and musician.  You should talk to my manager–she’d have some incredible stories to share.  She’s probably in the Hotel at this moment.  She loves it here.

[Editor’s Note: Sadly, Phil Ramone passed away in 2013 at the age of 79.]

[Editor’s Other Note: I have Karen’s number.  Time to dust off my guitar!]

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