HUMANS OF THE PFISTER | AUGUST 2016 | Being “August” | Continued

Posted by on Aug 9, 2016

The first thing Sunday brunch host Carol and I noticed about these three women from Chicago as they passed through the lobby was their infectious laughter. The second was the woman on the left who was confidently carrying her luggage on her hip: a white laundry basket filled with neatly folded clothes. She said she was going to transfer them to a suitcase before she left, but her duties as a mother called, so she just packed the basket into the car. Girls’ weekend in Milwaukee was more important than vanity. We had several good chuckles about this, and I praised her for not caring what other people think. It was clear that her friendship with the other two women was more important than anything. The woman in the middle summed them up perfectly: “We come full personality!” Glad you enjoyed your stay!

This girls’ weekend was one of those “august” August weekends that we needed.  We left certain parts of our life behind, especially our tough professional jobs, and pampered ourselves: the spa, wine, good talks.  (Thankfully, two of us are married to men who take care of the babies.)  It was a chance to unwind, but also a chance to pamper each other back up.

We haven’t been friends for a long time.  As adults, it’s hard to find friends you really connect with.  Life is just so busy; we’ve MADE it so busy.  So it’s cool that we’ve found each other: similar personalities with different lives and backgrounds.  We have different day lives, but we can appreciate how each of us navigates our work-life balance.

We feel blessed.

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