The Pfister Films: DIALED IN

Posted by on Apr 27, 2016

Today in the Pfister Film series, I bring you DIALED IN.

Here’s the simple truth about hotels—some days, many days, there is next to nothing happening at a hotel. The Pfister is not exempt from this stasis mode. I’ve seen it all as the Pfister Narrator…packed conventions, overflowing weddings, plenty of hustle with lots of bustle, and, yes, the quiet days.

The idea for DIALED IN came to me during one of those quiet times. It was the dead of winter. I was sitting on a sofa in the Lobby Lounge in the early afternoon. There was no one in the lobby with me but one other man. This man was perched on a bar stool with two or three glasses of Scotch backed up in front of him. He was in full swing, and with a wide-open park, he could shoot for the grandstands.

I listened as he made call after call on his bluetooth headset. He would tap the earpiece, launch into a call, and tear the person on the receiving end to shreds. These were clearly business calls as I kept hearing things like “fourth quarter” and “sales force” and “we’re in business”, you know, all the regular kind of corporate speak.

As this man would wind up a call he would sort of slow down, take a brief pause and then put a button on his call with a clear and very distinct wrap up. The thing about the bow that he tied to end his calls was that for a guy seemed to lust for blood in the world of business, he sure did throw a curve ball as he was hanging up. Time and time again he gave the same closer, and time and time again I was left feeling pretty agog.

I hope you enjoy watching DIALED IN today as film number two of four. I certainly enjoy thinking about this character every time I watch it.

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