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Posted by on Apr 30, 2016

This is what they call my penultimate post. The second to the last. It’s also number 100.

I generally prefer words over numbers, but I had in my head a number that I wanted to hit this year in terms of posts I created as my contribution to the Pfister Blog. That number was a nice and round 100, the place we are right now. But then I had something more to say, so I’ll leave you later today with post number 101.

In these 100 posts, I’ve written close to 60,000 words, basically a nice sized novel. I’m sure pleased that I got to tell these stories this year, but I leave my role as Narrator also reflecting on all the tales that I never did tell. Some moments didn’t warrant a full story, and some are the sort of things that could make a particularly dirty sailor blush. I’ll keep those memories stashed in my notebooks as I’m certain they will come in handy down the road in other writing that I have in mind for the future. The memories of things seen and heard at the Pfister are really the gift that keeps on giving to a writer.

I did, however, feel that there is a certain sense of occasion and ceremony when you hit the 100 mark. To that end, I wanted to share the Top 10 Things I Never Wrote About. I hope somewhere down the road you’ll come across these moments again woven into the fabric of a short story, book, play or screenplay that bears my name as a writer. They were all great encounters, and I know sooner or later they will be the perfect spice for a full meal.

  1. That day when the homeless artist tried to draw my picture in the Lobby Lounge. It was a sad and tender memory, and one where I saw the Pfister Associates show what decent human beings they really are.
  2. Pfister Building Engineer Matt Eells giving one of the greatest speeches any human being has ever made at former Artist-In-Residence Todd Mrozinski’s farewell night. I bow to Matt’s eloquence and charm.
  3. That elevator ride with Donald Driver where he complemented me about how nice my bow tie was.
  4. Every public men’s restroom at the Pfister. I made it a goal to visit them all…and I have strong opinions about which is the best one.
  5. The night I was having drinks with friends up in Blu and we looked out the windows and sat speechlessly for five minutes as we marveled at where we were as a magical thunderstorm raged outside.
  6. Former Senator Herb Kohl smiling at me as he passed me while I ate one of the 147 Senator’s Tuna Sandwiches created to honor him that I consumed in the Pfister Café.
  7. Kibuttzing with Barbara Brown Lee about life and art.
  8. Watching a mediocre cover band practice “We Didn’t Start the Fire” in one of the Pfister Ballrooms prior to an RNC party after the Fall 2015 Republican Debate in Milwaukee.
  9. The day I met former Milwaukee Bucks player Bob Lanier in the Lobby Lounge and told him I had met his wife in Scottsdale, AZ during a chance dinner meeting and with a raised eyebrow he said to me, “You mean my ex-wife?”
  10. Every dirty joke and loopy story I heard from my pals John, Ray, Elizabeth, Carrie, Scott, Stephan, Erika, Matt, Katherine, Jimmy, Sarah, Leda, Tommy, and others during Pfister lunch, dinner or drinks.

And if you want to hear the really naughty stories, buy me a plate of truffle chips someday and maybe, just maybe, I’ll spill the beans.

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