All You Ever Needed to Know About My Impending Demise

Posted by on Mar 31, 2016

My friends, the end is near. My ink is about to run out as The Pfister Narrator.

I’ve been thinking about this day ever since May 1, 2015. That’s the day I started this journey, and if I had been given a book right then and there that was an account of my year to come, I most certainly would have turned to the last page and read it.

But now that I’m a month away from the end of my time as the in-house writer at this glorious hotel I’m not choosing to hang my head in sorrow. Rather, I look forward to the coming month with my greatest energy and inspiration yet. It is going to be a hell of a finale, if I do say so myself.

To celebrate the past year, I’ve been offered the chance to have a live event at the Café Rouge the evening of April 22nd. I’m calling it my Final Bow. You can decide if the “bow” in question is the one you do from the waist or one of the many I like to tie around my neck.

But if you want to parse what I mean by Final Bow, you simply have to be in the room that night. And here’s why you’ll to come and celebrate my past year at the 424 (that’s my feeble attempt at giving the Pfister a street name).

I’ve thought long and hard about how I want to go out, and I decided that I’m going out the way I originally came into the Pfister as a writer. That origin story even predates my time as Pfister Narrator when I served a stint as the head writer for Hotel Milwaukee, a live radio show that often taped from Café Rouge back in the days that it was a fixture on Wisconsin Public Radio.

So, I’m creating a live radio show filled with stories, great characters, music and a truly triumphant bow that will be as final as a well-placed period. I’ll be joined by some of the best local actors and musicians, and my favorite musical sidekick Jimmy Kaplan will help keep things rolling along.

I also hope you’ll join me on the 22nd because I plan to present the final versions of the four short film scripts that I’ve worked on this year based on experiences I’ve had here at the Pfister.

If you’re looking to read the final page of my Pfister Narrator story now, sorry Charley. You’ll have to wait, but I promise that I’ll write one that leaves you satisfied as you close my book and pick up the new one that will be written by our incoming Narrator to be.

Here’s the basics on April 22nd. I can’t wait to celebrate with you all.

What: Jonathan West’s Final Bow

When: Friday, April 22

Time: 8:00pm (it’s a live show, so we’ll open the doors at 7:30pm, so come early so you can get a drink)

Where: Café Rouge at the Pfister Hotel on the ground floor

Admission: FREE, baby, FREE! (But bring your wallet for cocktails, because the more you drink the funnier I am.)

Questions? Email me here. I write back. I always write back.


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