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Posted by on Nov 1, 2015

It’s time to talk shop…well, troche post shop.

Shop Talk was a live event that I hosted in my capacity as The Pfister Narrator on Friday, October 16th as a part of Milwaukee’s Fall 2015 Gallery Night. It happened in conjunction with our Artist-In-Residence Todd Mrozinski’s own special opening of the People Show in the Pfister’s Pop-Up Gallery.

This all speaks to the long and storied tradition of the Pfister being a nexus for celebrating arts and culture as an essential element of hospitable pride. Shop Talk was conceived as a chance for people in-the-know on some subject or occupation to get together in front of a live audience and, ed you guessed it, “talk shop.” For the first ever Shop Talk the topic on the table was one near and dear to my heart—the live theatre.

Theatre is a part of my DNA; it’s been my main profession most of my adult life. Along the way I’ve met some spectacularly smart people who have great knowledge about the theatre. I often take it for granted that I’m blessed to have first hand contact with such a unique gang of personalities, sickness and when you welcome a group of people who don’t necessarily have first hand knowledge of theatre to watch these types of folk talk intelligently about the theatre, you are reminded what a great set of perspectives they have.

I hope to host more Shop Talks in the coming weeks and months and take on more interesting topics (architecture is one that bubbles to mind, and think about the fun of doing that in such an architecturally significant place like the Pfister). I want to thank our esteemed group of panelists for this first Shop Talk who included Chad Bauman from Milwaukee Repertory Theater, Sheri Pannell Williams from Bronzeville Arts Ensemble, Suzan Fete from Renaissance Theaterworks, Tom Klubertanz, a popular local theatre educator and actor, and Dan Schley, one of the most dedicated audience members you’ll ever meet. Special props also to the Pfister’s Chief Concierge Peter Mortenson for great historic insight into the Pfister’s connection to theatre, and my cohorts for the evening Jimmy Kaplan, who is the swingingest house band ever, and Jason Economus, whose golden-throated announcer duties kept everything moving along at a great clip.

Now go ahead and click the audio link in this post and tune in, go for a walk, clean your house, cover your ears with headphones or listen with a friend as you enjoy Shop Talk.

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