I’ve Found It…The Happiest Place on Earth

Posted by on Nov 27, 2015

I’m not sure how to accurately capture the excitement that I’m feeling about spending this season at the Pfister Hotel as its in-house writer. Walking into the hotel today, the day that I finally feel I can officially embrace the full holiday season while I’m still digesting ten thousand calories worth of turkey and pie, my heart was almost literally pierced by a holly bough.


You guys…real gingerbread houses with shop signs that read things like, “Michael’s Skis.” Heck of a town!

The Pfister staff was busily shuttling hither and nigh with big bows of red and green. Poinsettias have been placed throughout the hotel, and beasts in need of a balm against the coming artic blasts have been lovingly prepped.


Even kings get cold.

Rising like a tower of joy in the middle of it all in the Pfister lobby is a Christmas tree that I’m not ashamed to say brought a tear to my eye as I first set eyes on it today.

I’m confident that there are going to be plenty of stories to tell about the joys of the holiday season during the coming days of December, but today I just wanted to soak in the thrill of anticipation that is filling every corner of the hotel and share some thoughts and images for you all to start to pull back the curtain on this season of magic. I do have a slight fear, however, that Santa might swoop in and recruit all the members of our ever industrious staff to round out his elfin crew, so full of joys and smiles are they all.

There’s finery and flim flam to warm the coldest hearts here in the hotel, and if you need an ounce of encouragement to make your way through the holidays, be sure to visit the lobby bar for a brimming glass of Yuletide Glogg…don’t dare to order it anywhere else, it’s a Pfister tradition and you’ll be wise to stop by to sip your way through a long and luxurious afternoon or evening when the air is chilling and makes your cheeks rosy and bright even before the Glogg does its own hocus pocus on your complexion.


Egg nog, schmegg nog. This is the real deal.

There’s the roaring fire, the sounds of the season, and for the first time ever, our Holiday Marketplace, a true treasure trove of local artisan creations that are way, way better than this season’s big box store deals (having spent some time with the holiday circulars yesterday after my Thanksgiving dinner, I’m mystified by how aerial drones for your camera seem to be this year’s big “must-have” gift—I promise the Pfister Holiday Marketplace is drone free.)


Holiday Marketplace organizer Renee owning it in the best holiday debazzlement ever.

And don’t feel as if you need any more reason to make a memory at the Pfister in the coming days of cold, snow, and searching for the perfect hot cocoa than just stopping to look and listen. Rule for the coming weeks, my friends…slow down, you’ll be amazed at how it will speed up your good mood. My holiday wish is a simple one–to see you at the happiest place on earth in the days to come.

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