Thanks for Keeping it Classy Northwestern Mutual Life

Posted by on Jul 23, 2015

Northwestern Mutual Life…you folks really know how to keep it classy. Well done. Very well done.

I have so many nice thoughts from visitors I encountered who were in town for your recent annual conference. You do the city proud, treat and your glorious presence as a part of the heartbeat of the Pfister for several days was something to behold.

NML holds its annual conference in Milwaukee every summer, and it is a chance for reps from around the country to swoop into town and taste of the many pleasures Milwaukee offers with open arms. Right now all those reps all certainly looking at the cranes hovering over NML’s astounding downtown campus construction with eager anticipation of the completion. You can even catch that from the corner of Mason and Jefferson as you’re hanging out at the Pfister, view see what I mean?


Cranes mean big things.

For so many of the NML conference attendees, the Pfister becomes the place where they choose to rest their heads at the end of a full day for their conference stay. I was lucky enough to encounter a collection of friendly characters, and I’m happy to report that NML clearly employs the finest, brightest and kindest pros around.

There was the joker I bumped into in an elevator clutching the most massive attaché case I’ve ever seen. My eyes most have been popping wildly as the gent noticed my interest in his briefcase.

“That is the most impressive briefcase I’ve ever seen,” I said.

“That’s because it’s filled with all the money I’ve made selling insurance.”

I was tempted to follow him off the elevator as he departed with a wave and a smile onto the third floor of the parking garage to pick up his car, surely a Tesla or a Bentley or some vehicle made of solid gold since he was so flush with cash.

There were the folks who were still planning and plotting deals during Monday’s cocktail hour up in the Pfister Club Lounge. A group of business women and men sipped strong scotches and brimming glasses of wine over animated discussions of business to broker and contacts to follow up on when the conference was complete. One fellow filled a plate full of fried cheese curds from the Club Lounge spread and returned to his table explaining to his visibly aghast mates, “This is what you do in Milwaukee…dig in.” They did, and they were immediately happy brokers all.

Then there was Joe.

Joe is kind and gentle and an NML sales monster.

Joe is kind and gentle and an NML sales monster.

Joe is a broker from Oklahoma City whose comfy Southern twang makes you feel like you’re talking to someone who invented good manners and graciousness. I ran into Joe and his family as they were eating lunch on the patio at Mason Street Grill. Joe had the NML Conference lanyard dangling from his neck, complete with some special “flair,” the additional award badges brokers receive for their good work in the field. Joe was humble when I asked about what his awards meant. He shyly said, “This one has something to do with sales over $10 million during my career.” Nice try keeping it on the down low, Joe, but I was impressed.

Joe told me he had been coming to the conference for years, but this was the first time he had brought his family. His wife Tracy and kids Caroline and Landon looked happy and relaxed telling me that they had loved their visit to Milwaukee, and especially an extended stay at the Pfister. Caroline and Langdon jumped in to tell me that swimming in the Pfister pool was a really cool thing to do, and Joe smiled, clearly happy to have his family with him during this big gathering. I asked Joe why he chose to stay at the Pfister and his answer summed up the feeling I think many repeat visitors have.

“The Pfister is my home away from home,” said Joe. “It wouldn’t be a visit to Milwaukee without staying at the Pfister”

That’s the spirit, Joe. Good sales to you, and we all hope to see you and the family next summer.

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