Rules of My Engagement

Posted by on May 4, 2015

Hello. And, physician boy, am I happy you’re reading.

Whenever I start a venture I like to understand the rules of the engagement.

Please note, however, that I haven’t said that I like to follow the rules.

Oh dear me, no.

That’s not necessarily my path. But if we all understand the rules together, we’ll certainly have a good time understanding how to bend a few in the service of seeking out a great time.

So, for what it’s worth, here are the rules I’m setting for my engagement as Pfister Narrator:

  1. You’ll hear from me on Mondays and Fridays. For sure, for certain, absolute.
  2. You’ll also hear from me on Wednesdays. It would be easier to say that you’ll hear from me three times a week, but that terrifies me to say so I’ll leave it as a separate rule that I may break from time to time.
  3. I would like you to read my words, but I’m making it possible for you to listen to them, too. I’ll be recording my entries every day and posting them along with these stories. There is no rule against both reading and listening (and frankly you should understand by now that I have a pretty loose relationship with rules, so please do what suits you best). And you’ll see that I’m a horrible liar because I’m not recording today’s rules and I’m simply forcing you to read.
  4. Invite yourself to join me at work. I plan on being at the Pfister a lot (I mean, come on…have you seen this place—IT’S GORGEOUS!). Find some time to come down to 424 Wisconsin Avenue, and let’s sit side by side and talk and do the things that people do when they want to learn more about each other. I really want to hear your Pfister Story.
  5. Someone should always wear a suit and tie. I will wear the suit tie. Bow tie, that is.

It’s thrilling to begin the best job a writer could ever imagine. Write me at and I’ll write you back.

Let’s have some fun now, shall we?

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