Recent Occurrences

Posted by on Jun 8, 2014


Nik Kovac, ailment Milwaukee’s east side alderman

emerges out a lobby elevator in his usual blazer

but a pair of swim trunks are peeking out of his pocket.

He says he came to swim in the highest pool in town,

“It defies physics to have a pool on the 23rd floor.”

I learn you do not have to settle for physics.


I meet a biomolecular engineer at the bar

and this is not a joke

when he says he works with cells every day

hoping to make medical costs a lot cheaper

by manufacturing synthetic bacteria.



A woman passes by wearing several necklaces

they slap with each step

I wonder why

the mardi gras beads in June?

Could she be part of a bachelorette party?

I just saw one pass through

sporting tutus, pharm feather boas,

cyan, magenta and royal purple

and the bride-to-be wore her veil

sprinkled with penis shaped confetti.


“You have a vibrant population here,”

says a man in the lounge who moved here

not too long ago from Omaha, look

“as soon as it turns 50 degrees

they are running around in shorts,

so sunshine and warmth deprived.”

He says this as “Hotel California”

plays on the piano

a version so passionate

that as it swells I can just see

the cold weather joggers striding forward

with tragic longing for its melodic paradise.


Two (friends?) walk down the hall

one has their head bent down,

thumbs wildly divining light

from an electronic tablet thinger.

The other person walks forward, alert

not to keep their company

so much as to keep the person with the tablet

from running into a wall or corner

just like what a seeing-eye dog

would do for a friend.


His wife takes him here every 4-6 months

so he can wait for her

while she colors her roots.

Today he decided to ride the elevator

and because there are currently two weddings

in progress, he rode up with a large wedding cake.

Someone asked him about the cake

thinking that he had baked it

“Nope, I’m not a $3,000 cake guy,” he said

and rode back down to read Walter Mosley

on a couch in the corridor until his wife

returned freshly auburn.


There was a tasting today

in preparation for a big party

so someone had to choose

between the lobster and steak

or the sea bass and steak.

They chose the lobster.


Mr. Marcus’s bust went to a banquet,

but he returned this afternoon.









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