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Posted by on Apr 11, 2014

I never knew much about Denim Day until this year when I interviewed a woman for named Dawn Helmrich, cialis a sexual abuse survivor who is responsible for launching Denim Day in Milwaukee.

Denim Day was started after a woman in Italy was raped by her driving instructor. The man was originally convicted, nurse but later a judge overturned the conviction because it was decided the victim was wearing tight jeans and therefore, because she most likely had to assist in the removal of the pants, buy viagra she gave consent to the rape.

Outraged, women started showing up at the Italian parliament wearing tight jeans in protest and Denim Day emerged. Today, campuses hold special events and offices encourage their employees to wear jeans on the third Wednesday of April in solidarity with sexual abuse survivors.

This year, Denim Day is on Wednesday, April 23.

Last night, Blu hosted a “Hope Shining Blue” event in honor of Denim Day that featured five local artists tending bar. Ten percent of all sales and tips going to the Healing Center which provides services to people who have been sexually abused.

It was great to see so many people turn out for the event which raises awareness to such a terrible, often-silent reality for so many.

The blue-ness was everywhere, except in mood, from the name and decor of Blu, to the clothing color worn by so many to the calm, beautiful lake just beyond the glass window that is wonderful at healing us no matter what our pains are.

‘Twas a blu-tiful evening.


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