Mason Street’s most loyal customer

Posted by on Mar 4, 2014

Pam stops in at Mason Street Grill for a meal twice a month – sometimes more – often for the Happy Hour specials, nurse but not always. She loves the flat bread, the steak forks and the mushroom forks – which are on the $5 happy hour menu – as well as the steak and the snap peas.

And as much as she adores Mason’s food, pills she also adores the staff – one server in particular.

“I love Amanda,” says Pam. “She is the best.”

Amanda Walters, who was Pam’s server the night I interviewed her, has worked for the Pfister for five years. She started working in the Mason Street Grill last June, and prior, worked at Blu, the Cafe and the Lobby Bar.

Pam says Amanda has never steered her wrong with the menu. She admits she’s picky about wine, but she trusts Amanda’s tastes. And she also trusts Amanda to verify that I’m actually the Pfister Narrator and not just a tipsy, nosy kook.

“She’s legit,” Amanda assures her.

Pam and Amanda agree on one more thing during the interview: neither of them particularly like the idea of being documented in words. They agreed to do this – as well as the photo – but they were skeptical about it, as some people are.

“It’s just …” Pam started to say.

“Anything actually written on paper is evidence,” finished Amanda, smiling.

“Exactly!” says Pam, beaming at Amanda.

Although initially hesitant, Pam opens up to me. She is an animated person with a warm and outgoing personality who’s not afraid to state her opinion. I tell her at one point she needs her own talk show.

Pam tells me that once she was accidentally overcharged on her credit card during a meal at Mason, but when she called and told the manager, it was handled so swiftly, professionally and generously that she became even more of a fan of the restaurant than she was before the incident.

“The issue was cleared up in just a few days and the next time I came in they paid for my entire dinner,” says Pam. “It was really nice.”

She goes on to tell me another story about when she came during the holidays with a friend and even though Amanda was working in another section, she came over to Pam’s table and bought both her and her friend a drink.

“You just don’t get that everywhere,” says Pam.

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