Forever a Pfister family

Posted by on Mar 31, 2014

I have one month left as the Pfister Narrator, find and so, I am enjoying the final days, looking ahead to my future endeavors and reflecting on the beauty of what’s passed.

One of my favorite aspects of this year is how deeply and richly my family was touched by the Pfister Hotel. My partner, viagra Royal, spent almost every hour with me in the hotel, banging out his dissertation in the lobby bar while I drifted around, chatting with guests.

His support of me has been unwavering in every way, including my role as the hotel writer. Plus, he took most of the photos in my blogs, too. In fact, if there’s a great photo within my blog, he took it, and if it’s a so-so one, chances are I snapped it on my iPhone.

My sons’ lives were also enriched by the Pfister this year. The chance to swim in the pool was a highpoint of 2013 for Kai River and the time Val the bartender spooned a second dollop of whipped cream into their cups half-way through their cocoa was a mind-blowing experience.

Recently, we had the chance to step out onto the balcony in the ballroom, something my son wanted to do for a long time, and fake wave at our adoring fans below.

My step daughter’s experience at the Pfister was extremely memorable, too. She celebrated her 11th birthday at the hotel with a manicure, cake and carriage ride. She was also smitten with the fact Elvis stayed at the hotel, so much so that we bought her a pair of Elvis glasses and stood in what is rumored to be where Elvis stood in the hotel and “channeled” The King.

She wrote this piece of writing about the Pfister, further illustrating her love for the hotel and how much this was, among other things, an extremely positive family experience for us.

The Pfister by Olivia

“When you walk into the Pfister you can see so many wonderful things. You can get lucky and get interviewed by the Pfister writer. And don’t forget to watch the Pfister artist do her beautiful art work. And you may even hear the soothing piano keys as the fingers of the pianist touches them.

Go up to Blu and get a drink or two and soak up the amazing view. Have a chat with the lobby lion, too.
Observe all of the breathtaking views of the Pfister’s unique glow. But always remember when walking down the halls to look very closely at their walls. I know it seems weird but you might be in for a real surprise because there’s a face in the wall that will be right by your side.

After you stay at the Pfister, trust me, you’ll want to stay for another week or two.”

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