Would you put this in your coffee?

Posted by on Jan 22, 2014

In my eight months as the Pfister Narrator, I’ve learned a lot about traveling, hotels, art, people and, just last night, trends in coffee.

I sat down next to Ron and Jonathan in the Lobby Bar and noticed they were both enjoying tall, black coffees. We started chatting and I asked them if they were digging their drinks.

“Absolutely,” said Rob. “We love coming here to drink coffee, eat these delicious snacks and listen to Dr. Hollander play the piano.”

“Do you always drink black coffee?” I asked.

“Well not always,” said Jonathan. “Sometimes we put a little butter in them.”

Wait butter? As in butta?

“Yeah,” said Jonathan. “I don’t eat breakfast and I know it’s an important meal and so the butter adds a little nutrition.”

They went on to explain to me that butter also provides a creaminess and richness to the coffee that is really delicious. Even though butter is a dairy like cream – a more common coffee condiment – I still could not wrap my mind around the concept for some reason.

So, I went home and did a quick Google search, only to realize butter in coffee is a thing – a trend – based on an ancient tradition.

Recently, it’s become increasingly practiced because some drinkers find that extra calories increase their energy levels throughout the day. It’s particularly popular among individuals on the heavy in protein / low in carbs “paleo diet.”

There was really only one way to form an opinion on butter coffee and that was, of course, to try it. And so, this morning, I did.

The creaminess of the butter serves the same purpose as milk or cream – it cuts back the bitterness of coffee and adds a silkiness to the drink.

That said, I wont be tossing a stick of butter in my coffee pot anytime soon, but I always appreciate the chance to try something new and step outside my usual routine.

But I’m drawing the line at raw eggs in my coffee. That’s one dairy product that needs to stay far, far away from my  mug.

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