32 years ago tonight …

Posted by on Dec 31, 2013

A Facebook friend – who I do not know in real life – just sent me a message that, with her permission, I am sharing.

Her message read “New Year’s Eve is always a special anniversary for my husband and I. Every year he whispers in my ear ‘today is our anniversary of our first date!’”

That first date took place 32 years ago tonight at The Pfister Hotel where the couple saw the band Arroyo.

Screen Shot 2013-12-31 at 3.47.27 PM

“I made my own dress – and he liked it! We walked around the entire place, hand-in-hand. We had our first dance, and yes, a first kiss. The Pfister will always be a part of ‘our story.’ Thanks for the memories.”

The couple, Vanessa and Bob Johanning, live in Sussex and went on to raise a son and a daughter.

Along with her message, Vanessa, who is an artist, attached the photos in this blog – one of her and Bob and one of the ticket stub from the show.

“I realized something looking at this just now. My favorite and lucky number is 2 and his is 7. I never saw that before!” she wrote.

I asked her what was their secret, if any, to a long marriage.

“I heard him answer this question just two days ago. He said, ‘I never know what she will create next. I appreciate her uniqueness.’”

Vanessa refers to Bob as her “fate mate” and says they were met to be together.

“We bring out the best that each of us has to offer,” she wrote.

On behalf of the Pfister Hotel, I wish you, Bob and Vanessa, a creative, loving and adventuresome anniversary.

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