“Because it is raining”

Posted by on Oct 8, 2013

Most of the time, tadalafil the people I meet at the Pfister Hotel are there due to foreign travel or to attend a sporting event or because a friend or  family member is getting married. Last week, no rx I met a couple who were at the hotel – specifically in the Lobby Bar – for a reason I had never heard before during my five-month stint as Narrator.

“We are here because it is raining,” said the man.

“Because it is raining?” I repeated.

“Yes. We were right out there (points to the street visible from the window) and it started to rain and she said, ‘we need to get out of this rain.’ She was freaking out because she has ironed hair or something. And so I said, ‘let’s go get coffee.’ So then I whipped out my phone and looked up Four Square what was the closest place that might have good coffee and here we are,” he said.

“He doesn’t understand this,” she said, touching her hair.

“Oh, I get it,” I said. “Rain makes hair frizzy. It makes my hair frizzy.”

“Exactly,” she said.

“Have you ever been here?” I asked them.

“No. Not to the hotel or to Milwaukee. We’re here on a day trip,” he said, sipping the coffee.

“Good coffee?” I asked.

He nodded as if to say it was good. Not the best he’s ever had. But good.

“Are you from a place with really good coffee?” I asked.

They laugh.

“We’re from Costa Rica,” she said.

“Well, OK! You are definitely from a place with good coffee,” I said.

“Have you ever been there?” she asked.

“No. But I have been to Mexico, Nicaragua and Guatemala,” I said.

“You went to Nicaragua but not Costa Rica? That’s within driving distance from Costa Rica – the most beautiful country in Central America,” she said.

“I went to Nicaragua to visit a friend in the Peace Corps. But I want to go back, to Costa Rica, someday,” I said.

“Don’t go from April to November though,” she said.

“Why?” I asked.

“Because it’s the rainy season,” she said. “Your hair will get frizzy.”




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