The Packers’ good luck charm

Posted by on Oct 24, 2013

For three decades, Jane has been going to Packers games. She grew up in Kenosha and from the time she turned 16 she drove every year to a game. And every year – EVERY YEAR – the team won.

“Thirty years, 30 games, 30 wins,” she says.

Jane now lives in Florida with her husband, Lenny. They still come to Wisconsin every year for a Packers game. And they always stay at the Pfister Hotel. I met her during her most recent visit at the Pfister’s Lobby Bar.

“I have a long history of memories at the Pfister. I started coming here with my parents as a kid. We’d drive to Milwaukee for a show at The Rep and always stop here,” she says.

Jane grew up in a family with six children in a “castle house.” She was born after three brothers, but her love for football came from within herself – not from them. Jane comes from a long line of female fans, including her grandmother who told stories of sitting on her grandfather’s shoulders at the old City Stadium – the Packers’ home field from 1925 to 1956 – before there were seats for spectators.

She also realized early on that her outward passion for the game was not shared by all.

“I went to my first sleepover at Ellen Perry’s house in fourth grade. We watched a football game with her family – the Packers were playing the Bears – and whenever the Packer got a first down I would scream my head off, jump up and down. Ellen’s family just looked at me like I was nuts. Later I told my parents about this, and my mom said, ‘you know, Jane, not everyone reacts that way to football.’ I was floored,” says Jane.

Jane has had the same license plate “PCKRS1” for many years and brought an expired one to Brett Favre’s Steakhouse in Green Bay. The manager thanked her for it, but the next year when she and Lenny returned to the restaurant, it was not hanging with the other plates. So they asked the manager where it was.

“Brett told us he wanted it in his special showcase (in a special room at the restaurant),” says Jane, beaming.

Her thoughts on the controversial Favre?

“I love Brett Favre. I look at him for his work. What happened in his personal life … whatever. I grew up rooting for a first down – not even a touchdown – and then Brett came into our lives and gave us so much,” she says. “He has a great body of work and that’s all I respect.”

Jane then shares that she works in the health care industry and it all comes full circle.

“You’re a healer! No wonder the team wins every game when you’re there,” I say.

Jane raises her drink. “Go Packers,” she says.

The next day, Jane attended her 31st Packers game. And the Packers beat the Cleveland Browns, 31-13.

Of course they did.

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