Partyin’ with the boss

Posted by on Jul 10, 2013

Imagine seeing your coworkers only once a year. Such is the case for Sue, pharmacy Nancy and Missy, who work in the banking industry from their homes in three different states.

Once a year they meet in Milwaukee, at the Pfister’s Lobby Lounge, to connect in person. Nancy lives in Florida; Missy lives in Pittsburgh and Sue resides in Milwaukee.

“We’re geographically challenged, cialis ” jokes Sue.

From a distance, they look like three longtime friends: laughing, snacking and drinking wine. No one would guess their 8-to-5 roles.

“Sue is our boss,” says Nancy.

“Maybe I should go to the bathroom so you can really talk about me, sovaldi ” says Sue.

“She’s a great boss,” says Missy. “We’ve had not-so-great bosses before, and Sue’s the best.”

Nancy says Sue is drama free and an excellent communicator who can detect and solve a problem before it happens.

We talk about how people sometimes says it’s difficult for women to work for other women. That hasn’t been true for Missy and Nancy.

“That’s because I’m actually a man,” says Sue. (The three of them explode with laughter.)

Working from home is not common in their industry, but it’s what her team of eight preferred, and so Sue agreed.

“I never have to watch them. They are so motivated and hard working. They are really smart and awesome. They can live in Siberia if they want to,” says Sue. “I just want them on my team.”

The best part about working from home, according to the ladies, is no commute, no parking fees and no interruptions. And no, they don’t work in their pajamas.

“I have to go through the motions to prepare for my work day,” says Missy.

Did they start working from home on a trial basis?

“No, Sue just trusted us. It’s really nice,” says Nancy.

The three spend a lot of timing talking on the phone and emailing.

“It’s good to get together in person,” says Sue. “Especially at the Pfister.”

Sue started going to the Pfister when she was about 8. Her grandmother played canasta with some women at the hotel and Sue and her cousin would ride the elevators for fun.

“I might do that later, for old time’s sake,” Sue says, smiling.

Sue also comes to the Pfister to have her nails done and eats in the cafe regularly with her husband, sister-in-law and father-in-law, who is 93.

“We always get a window seat,” she says. “I really love it here.”


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