Jay and John

Posted by on Jan 28, 2013

There are two types of people in this world: those who hate being in the spotlight and those who love it. I am usually able to tell the difference within about two minutes of telling people that I am the hotel’s staffer dedicated to writing about guests.

Jay and John

Jay and John

“Oh I have a great story and I photograph well,” bragged John. Bingo! Here we have the classic extrovert who loves the spotlight. He was hanging out at the bar before heading out to a sushi dinner, resigning to his lack of self control and killing his appetite on snack mix.

His colleague Jay arrived just in time to catch his bold statement and we all began cracking up, knowing he was kidding.

Jay and John were both laid-back Chicago guys, in town for the Wisconsin Association of School Boards Annual Convention at the Delta Center. “So are you principals?” I inquired, not taking either for the authoritative type.

“Nope, we sell bleachers to schools,” replied Jay. Something I would have never guessed. “We’ve been coming to this thing for 20 years and we always stay at the  Pfister, it’s our favorite spot in Milwaukee.”  After a long day in a convention center with people hocking textbooks and rulers to basketballs and lockers, its no wonder they like to unwind in the lobby lounge.

We talked about music, Milwaukee, suburban versus city life, and pretty much everything else except for bleachers. Both Jay and John are two pretty hip bleacher salesmen, and it turns out, they do photograph well.



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