UPAF Artists Among Us – Day 8 Renaissance Theaterworks

Posted by on Mar 9, 2012

We are proud to announce Shelby Keefe is on Day 8 of 16. Today, sovaldi Renaissance Theaterworks is the center of Shelby’s eighth UPAF Artist Among Us piece. Shelby was inspired by this woman run theater group that concentrates on performing plays written by women. She was invited backstage and took the photo that inspired this piece herself. The actress, medicine Marty, was performing in a one-woman show called “Neat,” which Shelby attended and loved. Instead of using the beige walls of the dressingroom as a background, Shelby also photographed the backdrop used for the play and photoshopped it into the photo so there was more color.

This is day eight of a sixteen-day project to be completed on March 16th. We invite you to observe and follow Shelby’s creative process at her studio or online. Please check back frequently to see Shelby’s progress.

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Day 8, RTW by pfisterhotel

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