UPAF Artists Among Us – Day 6 Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra

Posted by on Mar 7, 2012

We are proud to announce Shelby Keefe is on Day 6 of 16. Today, Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra is the center of Shelby’s sixth UPAF Artist Among Us piece. Shelby was inspired by this photograph of Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra’s conductor, Edo Dewaart. She said you could feel the energy and vibe from his gestures and the position of the camera makes it almost as if you are there with Edo playing an instrument. She was excited to paint something from the perspective of a musician in the orchestra.

This is day six of a sixteen-day project to be completed on March 16th. We invite you to observe and follow Shelby’s creative process at her studio or online. Please check back frequently to see Shelby’s progress.

Day 6, MSO by pfisterhotel

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