Call for Photos: Shelby Keefe’s 30 paintings in 30 Days

Posted by on Sep 6, 2011

With any form of artistic expression, the importance of daily practice promotes the mastering of techniques. The practice of creating a Painting a Day, which was introduced by artist Duane Keiser in 2004, for the purpose of selling his work through an Internet blog, has led to a movement of artists who thrive in this discipline.

The Peninsula School of Art in Fish Creek, Wisconsin approached Shelby Keefe and asked her if she would be willing to participate in this 30 paintings, 30 days challenge, and Shelby jumped at the opportunity.

Looking at the pieces of art in these collections, some artists prefer to do a series of a single subject while others simply put their brush to canvas and create whatever inspires them on a particular day. As for our Artist-in-Residence, Shelby Keefe, she’s looking for your help for inspiration.

This is where you come in.

From now until September 19, Shelby is looking to her fans for visual inspiration. Her approach is to paint the figure in an urban landscape but she needs some extra photos to choose from.

Send your photos to, but first, Shelby has some criteria she’d like you to follow.

Example of a Photo Submission

The theme here is “People in Urban Landscapes.” So please try and follow the following criteria.

  1. People focused yet in an urban setting – Being figurative, the people are the subject but they will not be painted in any detail with no telling identifiers. (ie people walking down the street, people talking at an intersection, or people enjoy coffee on a cafe patio)
  2. Urban Landscape – Looking at Shelby’s previous work, you can see the talent she has in painting urban architecture. So see if you photo can include some buildings or city skyline in the background.
  3. Please do not submit photos of posed people in front of landmarks or backgrounds.  The people aren’t the direct focus, they are just part of a whole.

So send in your pictures and help provide some inspiration to Shelby and as a thank you, if she selects one of your photos to paint, she’ll also provide a digital print that you can have as a keepsake.


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