Capture and Share your Pfister Memories

Posted by on May 10, 2011

Capturing special moments and sharing them with family and friends has never been so simple. Let us take the moments you’ve captured and turn them into treasured memories.

  1. Check out one of The Pfister’s digital cameras at the front desk
  2. Take photos of your time in Milwaukee and at The Pfister
  3. Turn in the camera before you depart
  4. A Pfister associate will use your top 10 photos to create a personalized photo website, available to you the very next day
  5. Share with family and friends via email, Facebook, Twitter and more

If you prefer to use your own camera to take your photos, you can email your top 10 photos to us at or allow a Pfister associate to download the pictures directly from your camera during your stay.

Your personalized photo website is a simple and creative way to share the memories you make with us, so be sure to take advantage of this complimentary service.

Visit the front desk fro details.

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