Ask Ash: How do you eat a pomegranate?

Posted by on May 18, 2011

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How do you eat a pomegranate?

They look unusual, but they’re very easy to eat. Here are some simple ways to slice up and enjoy the fruit.

You can peel the rind off, like you would an apple, and then eat it. Cut the fruit in slices, and use a spoon to scoop the pieces out.
You can take all of the red seeds out, place them in a bowl, and enjoy them. The seeds can also be used to garnish salads, side and main dishes. The white seeds inside of the red ones can also be consumed.To loosen the seeds, you want to take the palm of your hand and roll the fruit on a solid surface for a few minutes. Cut the pomegranate in half. Pick up one half and with a large wooden kitchen spoon, tap the back of the fruit so the seeds slide right out. You can catch them in your hand or collect them in a bowl. Watch what you’re wearing, the fruit is juicy and can splash you. Have an apron on or towel handy to clean up up any extra juice.
The only part of a pomegranate that can’t be eaten is the red skin covering the outside, and the thin white layer of skin beneath the fruit. Otherwise there is plenty there that you’ll learn to love.

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