Meet ‘n Greet Monday! Do you know Jessica?

Posted by on Apr 4, 2011

Jessica ~ Assistant Front Office Manager

Well it’s Meet ‘n Greet Monday! While the Pfister Hotel has housed many celebrities over the years, the true stars are our staff. Every week you will meet a member of our staff, and have your chance to share your memories and interactions with them. Today, it’s the traveling girl, Jessica, our Assistant Front Office Manager.

Name – Jessica

Position – Assistant Front Office Manager

How long have you worked at the Pfister Hotel? – 2 years this summer.

Why do you like working at the Pfister Hotel? –  I love the interaction.  Giving guests a high energy, warm welcome and helping them to be sure they know they made the right decision in choosing the Pfister.  It’s a fun, personal challenge that I get to relive all day.  I love having a lobby full of guests and clearing it out in 10 minutes when there had just been a line to the door.  I love making celebrations more special, getaways more relaxing, business trips more tolerable, and the guest experience more personal overall.

What’s your favorite Pfister memory? – I have many fun memories even during my short time here, so it is difficult to choose.  One of my favorite memories was the tour I took with one of our engineers, experiencing both roof top views, fun ghost stories from one of our storage areas that house old furniture and art, and all the fun hidden closets and rooms that come with a historic building.  The highlight was when we accidentally locked ourselves in one of the storage closets and were incessantly mocked by a few colleagues. All in good fun, of course.

Tell us something we don’t know about you? – During my two years living abroad in Asia I hitch-hiked across the Laos/Cambodia border, and the Laos/China border.  I also probably should have died in at least one of the motorcycle accidents I was in during that time.

What is the oddest/weirdest request that you have ever gotten from a guest? – After having ordered room service, a guest called fro thir left-overs to be picked up.  They asked that I please find a homeless person, or a stray animal to give them too.  They did not want it to go to waste.  Always such nice people staying with us here.

Thank you Jessica for being a participant on Meet ‘n Greet Monday.

Have you met Jessica before?  Tell us a story about meeting her.  Thank you so much for being fans of the Pfister Hotel, and look forward to a new person to meet every Monday.

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