The NASA Game

Posted by on Mar 28, 2011

I’ve done a lot of organizational consulting and training. Among the structures for company retreats and more is a ropes or games course. Every one I’ve ever done says start small–ice breakers and get to know you type work.

One of the games my organization and later, I, used in classes was the NASA game. There are a million versions of the activity, but this one reads that NASA has to populate the moon. Earth is on its last legs and we’ve got a 2001-type opportunity to go intergalactic. The game provides a list of various people and things and then gives you a limited number to select to bring. The exercise forces team members to hash out which person gets to go–and who you have to leave behind… Much like the “you’re stranded on a desert island and can only bring three things, what do you bring?” exercise friends may play, the game forces hard choices.

I feel like I’m leaving the Pfister for the moon. I don’t have time enough left to do all I want and I have to make choices about what to take with me. I feel certain I’m taking it all with me, make no mistake, but what stories do I use to propel out of this atmosphere?

There are hundreds of ways to eat and drink and enjoy the space. Business meetings to wedding affairs, romantic dates to happy hours…I know what I see and I’m selfishly cataloging all of it–but which should I be sharing that I haven’t yet? Is it the jilted lover? The proposing young man? The road weary Miller-esque traveler? Just as Hal asks, “will I dream?” I’m here to tell you I already do, and in the last month I want to be sure I’m sharing the right ones with you.

Comment below and tell me what stories you think have floated through the hotel and have yet to be captured.

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