Meet ‘n Greet Monday! Have you met Harold?

Posted by on Mar 7, 2011

Well it’s Meet ‘n Greet Monday! One of our new updates for our fans.  While the Pfister Hotel has housed many celebrities of the years, the true stars are our staff. Every week you will meet a member of our staff, and have your chance to share your memories and interactions with them. The first you will meet is Harold, our Bell/Valet Captain.

Name – Harold

Position – Bell/Valet Captain

How long have your worked at the Pfister Hotel? – For 4 1/2 years, I started in 2006.

Why do you like working at the Pfister Hotel? –  First of all, just the history of the Pfister Hotel makes it a pleasure to work at.  Then, the opportunity that I have to meet all of the guests that come through the doors of the Pfister.  Lots of memories!

What’s your favorite Pfister memory? – When I had the opportunity to meet and assist with the candidates for Vice President of the United States, including then Governor Sarah Palin and Senator Joe Biden.

Tell us something we don’t know about you? – I am a big fan of country/western music, and I like to sleep with a night light on, at all times.

What is the oddest/weirdest request that you have ever gotten from a guest? – To tell people what side of the hotel would be the haunted side, but I never reveal any secrets.

Thank you Harold for being our very first “Meet ‘n Greet,” and for the great answers.

Have you met Harold before?  Tell us a story about meeting him.  Thank you so much for being fans of the Pfister Hotel, and look forward to a new person to meet every Monday.

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