Meet ‘n Greet Monday! Do you know Roc?

Posted by on Mar 14, 2011

Well it’s Meet ‘n Greet Monday! While the Pfister Hotel has housed many celebrities over the years, the true stars are our staff. Every week you will meet a member of our staff, and have your chance to share your memories and interactions with them. Today, it’s the man of a thousand stories, Roc, one of our fine concierges.

Name – Roc

Position – Concierge

How long have you worked at the Pfister Hotel? – For 12 years, since 1998

Why do you like working at the Pfister Hotel? –  I like the opportunity to see and to have interactions with this representative selection of the world’s population – from royalty, billionaires and presidents to local families out for a special weekend to people from the street, just wandering through

What’s your favorite Pfister memory? – This could go on for pages, but I will, for the moment, mention two: 1. The evening I waltzed with Sarah, Duchess of York, from front entrance to the elevator.  2. Visiting with former UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

Tell us something we don’t know about you? – Years ago, at slow times during summer break while I was teaching, I made my living as a handwriting analyst and playing he horses at Arlington Race Track.

What is the oddest/weirdest request that you have ever gotten from a guest? – To rent a submarine, Did it too!

Thank you Roc for being a participant on Meet ‘n Greet Monday.

Have you met Roc before?  Tell us a story about meeting him.  Thank you so much for being fans of the Pfister Hotel, and look forward to a new person to meet every Monday.

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