Hollywood Glam Meets Historic Hotel

Posted by on Mar 8, 2011

There may be no such thing as a free lunch, sickness but at the Pfister, you can capitalize on lunches easily worth a million bucks.

That’s what Amanda and Dan were doing today. We all spotted her first… dressed to the nines, she walked through the lobby and clearly stood out among the business-suited. She begged the question, and the answer was soon-to-be wedded bliss. Amanda and Dan were engaged last July, and though they had already captured many moments on film for their save-the-date cards, they were at the Pfister today to create a new memory, wedded to their nuptials’ theme: Old Hollywood.

Complete with a vintage-inspired feathered clip in her hair, Amanda (showing that glimpse of seamed stockings so many starlets before her have perfected) chose her costuming for the photos based on a love of fashion. And, of course, a love for Dan.

Dan and Amanda are both Wisconsinites, but that’s not how they met. Dan and Amanda both migrated to California for their careers, but that’s not how they met. Dan and Amanda ended up working in the same industry, the same company and even on the same projects. Dan brought Amanda the proofs of her projects before they were sent out to the world. But even with a daily excuse to talk to his now future wife, it took him awhile to engage.

When I asked her, “Who asked the other one out first?” She said shy Dan did the deed, but,( and sorry, Dan, this is  a quote and I know you heard her saying it, “It took him a long, long time.”) I think that means it was a thoughtful, well-planned decision…just like all the pieces of their photo shoot.  

Patience seems to have worked for the pair who both wanted to return to the Dairy State to be with family. California was too far away from home, but now that they were close enough to each other, they could make the move together.

The wedding is July of this year. And while we stood with Amanda in the lobby, waiting for Dan to return—walking up the street with balloons for the outdoor portion of their photo shoot, an image any Hollywood director would have captured on celluloid—she told us she was moving away from her fashion industry career and into baking. A cupcake maven in the works, you can probably meet Amanda too—at one of next year’s Iron Cupcake bake-offs.

So, outside she went, snuggled into Dan as she braved the March chill for the perfect photo (to be included in their wedding invitation, she told me). Balloons drifting and her stockings creating the glamour she was hoping to conjure…lunch at the Pfister cooked up some memories for this young couple. She promised to share the pictures with us when she gets them back from the photographer, and she also agreed to share them with you. I think that’s perfect, because love (and an incredible array of heart-shaped balloons) was in the air and on the menu and that’s worth sharing.

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