The Morse Twins on Proper Pfister Behavior

Posted by on Jan 14, 2011

The Pfister is always in motion. One evening this week, order the lobby was punctuated by business travelers all in their black wool coats, deftly rolling their carry on luggage behind them like disobedient children as they purposefully walked to the desk to check in. Crossing past the late arrivals were those already nestled into the hotel returning to the lobby with laptops and papers in hand to sit among those clicking furiously on smart phones, seemingly conducting essential business transactions.

Amid all this dutiful work going on and the rhythm of arrival, check in, work in lobby; arrival, check in, work in lobby; arrival, check in, work in lobby two little girls darted around oblivious to the mechanisms of work and travel, and even the grandeur of the hotel.

The Morse twins measured the space and their reason for being there quite differently and I think the lessons we learned watching them deserve repeating. What follows is what I’ve derived as the appropriate code of conduct for the Pfister Hotel on a weeknight in winter, as demonstrated by the beautiful young Morse twins.

 1)      The Pfister is a fancy hotel, so you should wear your best flip flops. The pink sparkly ones will do.

2)      Perhaps slightly more formal attire is also required; a tutu isn’t a must (if you have one, of course, wear it), but whatever dress or skirt you’ve donned should be pink.

3)      Skipping is required, otherwise why would the lobby arrange such a broad expanse of soft carpet with little furniture in the way?

4)      Skipping also allows for a healthy rise in competitive spirit and given that the lines in the carpet can serve as natural starting gates and finish lines, you should challenge your sister to a skip-off.

5)      When you recognize you’re losing the skip-off, just dance. Twirls are best, but running and wiggling also suffice.

6)      All competitions, dancing and skipping must be performed at full throttle and as if you’re the best in the world. Smiling with glee helps convince on-lookers that this is true.

7)      Don’t worry about falling or taking a tumble. First of all, the carpet is very soft; second, there are Barbie Band Aids available (the youngest twin finds them most fashionable when you earn one for each knee—they’re pink, they’ll match).

8)      Talk to strangers, especially when they ask you who the oldest of you twins are.  Be humble, it’s ok to say you’re the oldest, but lovely for you to mention your sister arrived second, but more quickly than you. It’s an excellent way to teach us all teamwork.

9)      Do not stop dancing or twirling just because someone is speaking to you; in fact, twirl harder so they can see your moves close up and express their approval.

10)   When in the pool, laugh and giggle loudly so you can hear your voice echo on the 23rd floor.

The finest way to recapture the joy you’re feeling and sharing with those around you is do your best to let it bounce off the walls.

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