Ringing in the New

Posted by on Dec 31, 2010

“What are you doing New Year’s, rx New Year’s Eve?” is, as the song dictates, easily the “jackpot question.” And though the Pfister offers an incredible package filled with celebrations and bands and cocktails, so, too, does Milwaukee.

Whenever I run into people at the Pfister (especially the notables with celebrity clout, sales and tell my friends about it) their first question is always “Why? Why were they here?”

I’m on a personal mission to change the question from “Why would they (person of note, importance, fame, celebrity, money, culture, etc.) be in Milwaukee?” to instead “Well, why wouldn’t they be?”

Farggo, a client of the hotel, is more of the evidence I’ve been collecting that Milwaukee is indeed a worthy destination. Originally from South Dakota, he and his friend Kevin know one another in their current hometown, San Diego. Kevin, from the Midwest, was coming to Milwaukee for New Year’s and according to Farrgo, “I wanted to do something big and fun for New Year this year. So I thought, Milwaukee!”

Yup. That’s what I want everyone thinking. His criteria were that things be interesting, lots to see, good food, great adventure and a really great posh hotel. Of course, that’s why I bumped into him at the Pfister. He and his friend have big plans for their stay and have been enjoying all the city has to offer. The Safehouse, Karl Ratzsch’s for dinner, and other downtown picks were part of their agenda. They both admitted, however, that thus far, the lobby bar had been pretty entertaining in and of itself. “We’re having a great time just staying right here!”

It’s worth noting, those of you who are “California dreamin’” that California comes to Milwaukee.

Farrgo and Kevin had the pleasure of seeing a few local notables of the basketball persuasion while at the lobby bar and like me, made estimates about the two groups of rehearsal dinner patrons at the bar—who belonged to which wedding party?

Oh yes, in addition to the New Year’s parties the Pfister is hosting, there are multiple weddings taking place this weekend. What fantasy it must make to have the grandeur of the Pfister, in its impeccable holiday garb, as the backdrop to your wedding.

It’s the backdrop to my New Year—and Farrgo and Kevin’s too. I know what I’ll be doing on New Year’s Eve, and I’m proud to say, I’ll be in Milwaukee doing it.

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