21 Nov 2016

Plume Service Vol. 1: Sensual Perspectives of Time & Space

Plume Service Vol. 1: Sensual Perspectives of Time & Space

About a week ago, on a beautiful Saturday afternoon, fifteen people participated in the first ever Plume Service writing workshop, the first in a series of monthly writing experiences whose goal is to bring The Pfister’s paintings to life. We gathered on the mezzanine, with a view of the lobby below and an ear to the […]

4 May 2015

Rules of My Engagement

Rules of My Engagement

Hello. And, physician boy, am I happy you’re reading. Whenever I start a venture I like to understand the rules of the engagement. Please note, however, that I haven’t said that I like to follow the rules. Oh dear me, no. That’s not necessarily my path. But if we all understand the rules together, we’ll […]

29 Oct 2011

The Fuel of Magnificence

“When I first decided to be a professional artist, I wanted that fishbowl experience, so I got a storefront studio,” Reggie says. “It’s not intimidating to discover an artist in public space,” adds Caitlin. A group of us are seated in the Lobby Lounge, discussing the two residency programs the Pfister has developed for art […]

27 Oct 2011

Stories to tell by the Pfister Narrator

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It’s that time again. The transition that has been coined the Passing of the Pen. As our current Pfister Narrator prepares to step down from her title, she has some words of wisdom and some insight for our next Pfister Narrator. Stories to tell by the Pfister Narrator from PfisterHotel on Vimeo.

26 Oct 2011

The Pfister Hotel Selects Ed Makowski as Next In-House Storyteller

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The historic Pfister Hotel in downtown Milwaukee has named Ed Makowski as its third ‘Pfister Narrator.’ In the role, he will spend time in the hotel’s lobby, interviewing visitors and guests and sharing their stories on the Pfister’s blog (blog.thepfisterhotel.com). As narrator, he will be posting blog entries at least twice-per-week over a six-month period. […]

25 Oct 2011

Words in Blu

An artist, a summer camp director, a theatre operations manager, a board member, and two poets walk into a bar.  There is no punchline, this is something that happened a few weeks ago. “Hello sir,” the bartender greets them as they arrive, setting a napkin on the bar, “what can I get you to drink?  […]