20 Nov 2012

Steampunk Society Invades the Pfister

Steampunk Society Invades the Pfister

Just in case you had any preconceived notions about the Pfister clientele, allow me to challenge those. First, watch this slideshow: These are steampunkers. What is a steampunker? Good question – I was also unaware of this counterculture until the Steampunk Society Milwaukee held their first Maker’s Fair last Saturday at the Pfister, organized in part by the […]

19 Nov 2012

My Other Pen is a Hydro-cyclonic Ink Dispensing Thought Engine

My Other Pen is a Hydro-cyclonic Ink Dispensing Thought Engine

I have never stopped going to the Pfister. I’m still there, buy cialis lurking among the new artists and writers and last night, I snuck in to lurk among the time-travelers and inventors. My confession is that I love the art/craft/clothing/mission/vision/literature that calls itself Steampunk. I’ve been known to lust after a pair of great […]

10 Jan 2012
13 Dec 2011

My favorite lady lives on the 2nd floor

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My mother has always had portraits of women around the house. Her taste for paintings and sculpture spans the 1870’s up to early art deco. Overall she’d probably list Monet as her favorite painter. I grew up with these ladies hanging around so they’ve probably influenced which variety of painted ladies I find attractive and prefer to […]

9 Nov 2011

News Update: Familiar Voices rally behind the Pfister Hotel

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Familiar Voices Rally Behind the Pfister Hotel Transcript:  My fellow Americans – and Marcus employees I’m sue you are aware that I and other former leaders of the free world have had the honor of being a guest here at the fabulous Pfister Hotel. My honey bunch Hilary likes it too. We see that there […]

13 Oct 2011

Daniel Ridgway Knight’s “The Rose Garden”

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By Keia Wegner, viagra Assistant Manager at the Pfister Hotel Daniel Ridgway Knight (1839-1924) was an American artist born in Philadelphia.  In 1871 he moved to France where he purchased a house and studio at Poissy on the Seine.  This was a perfect area for him as it provided lush natural scenery that can be […]