6 Nov 2012

Timothy Reflects: Part One – On “‘Studio’ Practice”

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Timothy Reflects: Part One – On “‘Studio’ Practice”

Timothy’s time as Artist in Residence has just about reached it’s halfway point.  And oh, what a marvelous six months it’s been for Timothy.  I’ve asked him to reflect on some of his experience, and we’ve decided to break down his experiences into four parts, this is Part One – On “‘Studio’ Practice” During “Art-Making” […]

4 Nov 2012

And So It Begins…

First day on the job as the Pfister Narrator and I feel like I’ll get used to hanging around this place pretty quickly. Greeted by the bubbly Timothy Westbrook concocting another masterpiece in his studio, I walked in on what I thought would be a quiet Sunday because of the Packer game. I was mistaken. […]

17 Aug 2012

The Student Whisperer

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By all accounts, Timothy Westbrook is a cheerful guy.  He’s beaming whenever I see him: showing one of his fabrics to a guest, chatting with staff, carrying a cup of coffee through the halls or waving from behind the sewing machine in his studio.  Beaming. His good mood radiates with a different frequency today. Three […]

3 Aug 2012

Timothy’s 2nd Gallery Night + “Wedding” After Party

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Timothy’s 2nd Gallery Night + “Wedding” After Party

Pfister Artist in Residence, Timothy Westbrook’s second gallery night took place on Friday, July 27th. With the intention of creating a piece that referenced Elizabethan, Timothy decided to tell a story with his second gallery night piece.  Using guides from the 1890s, he created a piece that reflects Queen Victoria’s popularizing of the color white […]

4 Jun 2012

Get to Know Timothy Westbrook, the 2012 Pfister Artist in Residence

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Many lovely guests and passersby have come to enjoy the creation process with me. A few questions keep coming up so I thought that I’d share my answers with you so you can get to know me better. Feel free to e-mail any other questions to TimothyADK@gmail.com or come visit the studio and we can chat in […]

1 Jun 2012

Timothy Westbrook Explores & Exhibits at the Geneva Lake Museum

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The emphasis of the Artist in Residence program here at the hotel is to remind us all that art is living and breathing and not just another layer of wallpaper. I have seen first hand how this program allows guests to get a hands-on experience of my work. I love to see guest reaction when […]