9 Mar 2013

The Art of Storytelling with Ex Fabula

The Art of Storytelling with Ex Fabula

No professionals needed – just enthusiastic amateurs. That’s my kind of club. ExFabula has been organizing live storytelling events in Milwaukee since 2009. Founding member Megan McGee takes pride in helping people discover that they have a story to tell and showing them how to do it. There is only one rule – all five-minute stories must be […]

1 Nov 2012

The Middle

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This is the second of three posts where unsuspecting guests help to build a short story. Pt 1. – The Beginning  Pt 2. – The Middle (this one) Pt 3. – The End Michael /South Carolina/ Retired Medical Researcher A fire you had to put out this week? Let’s see… a lot had to be […]

23 Oct 2012

Nights Like This

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You have reached your bewitching hour.  While most people will unwind inside the cushioned margins of prime time, you won’t shrug away the day until it’s ready to expire. You are not governed by office hours or bedtimes. You will review and research and design and sort and package and analyze and schmooze until your […]

16 Feb 2012

The Pfister Hotel seeks next “Narrator in Residence”

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The historic Pfister Hotel in downtown Milwaukee, which is owned and managed by Marcus® Hotels & Resorts, is in search of its next writer in residence, known as the Pfister Narrator. The chosen candidate will spend time in the hotel’s lobby, speaking with visitors and guests and sharing their stories through a blog on the […]

19 Sep 2011

Still Accepting Submissions for 30 Paintings in 30 Days

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Shelby is fast at work on her first of the “30 Paintings in 30 Days.”Shelby is still looking to her fans for visual inspiration. Her approach is to paint the figure in an urban landscape but she needs some extra photos to choose from. Send your photos to PfisterPhotos@ThePfisterHotel.com, but first, Shelby has some criteria she […]

20 Apr 2011

The Inner Circle

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So, drugstore I got to meet her: my replacement. There are so many lessons in life out there waiting for you and only a few you’re fortunate enough to catch. I am lucky enough to have started a project and to have the opportunity to hand it off. I’m not the CEO of some big […]