6 Jan 2016

So Ma, how did you get to be ninety years old?

So Ma, how did you get to be ninety years old?

Hello all, this intro is from your current Pfister Narrator, Jonathan West. It’s with the greatest of honors that I share with you this Guest Narrator post today from my immediate predecessor, the inimitable Anja Notanja Sieger.  While I was out of town over the holidays, Anja recently spent a lovely tea time with some […]

5 Jun 2014

They Seem Very Busy

They Seem Very Busy

The woman does not want to be identified. The woman can make you an iced coffee. The woman frequently makes me an earl grey with a side of questions concerning Harry Potter.   She first read Harry Potter as a high school student back in her homeland, viagra the third major island of the Philippines’ […]

23 Dec 2011

Take your grandmother out for Afternoon Tea

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Last weekend my grandma and I decided to go out for afternoon tea. I don’t believe anyone’s ever taken tea with my grandmother, aside from a bag she dropped in a mug above her stove. When my mom called to remind her, my grandma asked what she should wear for such an occasion, what is […]

10 Dec 2010

Learning From Tea Time

Let me make your weekend plans for you. One way or another, they should include a reservation for Victorian Tea at the Pfister. I’ve been to London a couple of times, but the last visit included an endless hunt for the perfect “high tea” with a friend. The hijinks that ensued made it a memorable […]