24 Jun 2015

A Dearth of Drips at Water Summit 2015

A Dearth of Drips at Water Summit 2015

Today, the Pfister Hotel is swarming with guests who are excited about the opening day of Summerfest. So, let’s talk about the most important thing about Summerfest. Water. One thing that you pick up on after spending some time at the Pfister is that this hotel is not just about luncheons, business travelers who use […]

14 Sep 2012

Back to the Future

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“Don’t you remember when police officers had the baseball cards?” This happens a lot. Though I’m Milwaukee-born, I’m an Army brat and didn’t fully experience the city until I moved back an adult.  Subsequently, I miss many of these “remember back when” references of my Milwaukee-bred peers. “Don’t you remember??” he insists. Gabriel is a […]

11 Jul 2012

Rocks in their Pockets

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They were like the prologue for a coming of age film, an assuring glimpse at how adulthood will frame their childhood adventures. John, with his salted hair, and Perry, with laugh lines softening his eyes, fell into the couch beside mine talking and laughing with the fluid shorthand of longtime friends and the loosened inhibitions […]

25 Jun 2012

The Pfister Picks: Summerfest’s 45th Anniversary

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Peter Mortensen, our Chief Concierge at the Pfister, knows a lot about Milwaukee. He’s been helping people have a great time in this city for over 25 years. While he knows the ins and outs better than most, it doesn’t take a concierge to know that Summerfest is the biggest event in Milwaukee all year! Watch as […]

19 Apr 2012

Patronage and the Everyman

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  The Medici Family were bankers from Tuscany, Italy. Their initial family monies were made in the textile industry and they were influential in developing the double entry bookkeeping system. During the renaissance they owned Europe’s largest bank. I’m sure their advances in bookkeeping are fascinating but that is not generally why the Medici name has […]

18 Oct 2011

The Business Journal’s Milwaukee Brand Madness

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Let the madness begin. We know it’s not March, but The Business Journal Milwaukee has launched a NCAA tournament-style competition to see what’s your favorite local brand. They have selected 64 of the area’s most famous and iconic brands. Now they want to hear who’s your favorite by casting your vote. We’re excited to be selected for […]