Service Regardless of the Situation


Picture this:

You work at a hotel. A man checks in to the hotel with arms in plaster casts sticking straight out from his body. Later in the day the man calls down to your desk and explains that he’s not certain how to get himself dressed for the day.

What do you do?

Concierge Roc tells the story of how he teamed up with Annie, the Pfister’s Head of Housekeeping, to satisfy the needs of a guest in a whimsically compromising situation. No matter the job at hand, they’re always glad to serve.

Click Play below or Download to listen to this brief chuckle of a story.


Stay Safe During the Storm: Pfister Hotel Offering Special Snow Storm Rates

Those unlucky suburbanites stuck downtown during the looming blizzard will receive special overnight rates at all three of Marcus Hotels & Resorts’ Milwaukee properties Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights (Jan. 31-Feb. 2). The Pfister Hotel will be offering overnight stays for guests at a reduced price of $100. The Pfister Hotel also will be offering half-price parking in their covered garages.

Those concerned about making the commute to and from work can pack an overnight  bag ahead of time and later head to one of Marcus’ great hotels. With award-winning restaurants, excellent room service, business amenities and much more, guests will be happy to be snowed out and enjoying some of the best hotels in the city.

Reservations must be made by calling (414) 935-5942, no more than 24 hours before the guests’ stay.